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Top10 Most Expensive Cities To Live In.

Top10 offers the most expensive cities to live, this list is created according to the annual budget, tourist budget and worldwide cost of living index.
Let's get started.




Singapore is the most expensive city in the world, since last five year it holds the position 1st. Singapore ranks 5th place for the most visited city in the world. It's tourism contribute upto 4% singapores's GDP. Singapore has clean streets, tall bulidings, modern cilture and many more.


Paris (France)

Eiffel tower france

Paris is the capital of most populas city which is france. It is also called as "City Of Light". Paris has the Eiffel Tower which attracts tourist most. It is also popular for Cafe Culture, the Moulin Rouge, pastries, and fashion.


Zurich (Switzerland)


Zurich is the largest city in the Switzerland. It is famous for marketing, banking and finance. Zurich also labbled as most luxurious-lifestyle.


Hong Kong

Hong Kong light city

Hong Kong is the city with special administrative region. It is famous for travelling and shopping. Hong kong has many tourist-spots, Temple in hong kong are the most visited place by tourist. Hong Kong gives huge contribution to making thier economy strong.


Oslo (Norway)


Oslo is the capital of Norway. Oslo is very special during winter season, hence many tourist arrive during winter. It is famous for cutting edge of agricilture and by their arquitectura types.


Geneva (Switzerland)


Geneva lies in Switzerland, surrounded by Alps and Jura mountains. This city is famous for finencial and worldwide centre for diplomacy. It has "Geneva Motor Show" which is the reason for the high amount of tourist.


Seoul (South Korea)


Seoul is the capital of South Korea. In seoul modern skyscrapers, street markets and pop culture meet Buddhist temples, palaces and hightech subways. This city is mostly famous for temples, Gyeongbokgung is the most visited place in seoul.


Copenhagen (Denmark)


Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. It is mostly famous for Tivoli Gardens, The Little Mermaid statue, the Amalienborg palaces, Frederik's Church, Rosenborg Castle Gardens. It has best visit timing is betwen march-june.


Tel Aviv (Israel)

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv city in Israel. It has millions of visitors per year with military forces know how to keep them safe. This city is also known as "White City". It is also famous for the international style architecture and Bauhaus buildings and green garden city avenues & streets.


Sydney (Australia)


Sydney is city in Australia, also it is largest city in Australia. This city is famous for many reasons, The glittering harbour, the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, sun-bathed beaches in costline etc.